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Lithcote Europe, a public limited company, specialized in the application of anti-corrosion, anti-adhesive and anti-wear coatings based on special polymers on all types of supports.

We supply the following coatings: PVDF, Halar® (Solvay), Rilsan® (Atochem), Hypalon® (Dupont de Nemours), Viton® (Dupont de Nemours), Phenols (Heresite), Plasite® (USA), Derakane® (Dow Chemical), Hyflon® (Montedison), Siloxirane® (USA) and more.

We have our own Commercial Department and know-how in order to advise our clients on the best coating to apply depending on their particular service conditions.

We treat parts of all sizes, ranging from precision joints for the aerospace industry to tanks and reactors of over 50 tons.


We offer a variety of treatment processes for metals as a subcontractor for the chemicals industry, food chain stores, precision engineering, the construction of household electrical appliances, maritime and road transport. Protective coatings are applied on all kinds of metals: tanks needed for transport of high corrosive products, sensors for measuring the temperature inside tanks and reactors, bolts,  other precision parts, etc. Each treatment undergoes a well-researched cycle: parts aredegreased by pyrolysis, sandblasted with corrund and covered with different layers of reinforced powder which are fixed by baking. For anti-corrosion the products Halar, Heresite, Rilsan and Chemflake are used. They offer protection against corrosion by products with pH ranging from 1 to 14 and for various temperatures in use, up to 270°C.

Lithcote Europe has an array of furnaces and even a modular furnace whose capacity can be adapted to the dimensions of the parts at its industrial site in Trazegnies. It takes one hour to convert the furnaces. Rolling bridges allow parts to be handled from heights of several tens of metres. The smallest parts we treated arejoints (O-ring) with a diameter of 4 mm used in the Ariane rocket and the largest is a reactor of almost 70 tons.